Caera and I just ended with semester Exams so we haven't really been able to bake anything in a while. However, I made these before exams started for a Field Hockey team lunch (aka. a "bonding sesh"). I found this recipe while I was scrolling through pages and pages of food on Pinterest (my guilty pleasure) and decided these would be the perfect thing to bring. These apple pie bites were super easy to make and they did not take long to bake at all! I was so happy with the results so I decided to share them with you! So I hope you enjoy! 
P.S: Since I don't eat sugar (processed sugar)...I never got to try one, however I hear they tasted really good! PPS: I have also made a snapguide on how to make these! Be sure to check it out as well as my other guides! Apple Pie Bites Snap Guide 

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