Caera here! 

I find that in the summer, hot food becomes less appealing and salads, fruit and icy drinks bring about the most relief from the heat and humidity. Last night was one of these occasions and this salad was the perfect cure. 
I've had this dish before, and sometimes the first time you try a type of dish, it's the best tasting one you'll have. This time, it was the other way around. Maybe that's because it's the exact thing I've been craving.

This salad "thais" together all the fresh ingredients you'd expect to find in thai cuisine.  It's just a healthy, tasty, fresh salad, and honestly, it could never be more simple to prepare. The mix of chilli, coriander and mint, along with the sesame, soy, and peanuts, brought together with the tender meat, is so mouth-watering. It smelt great in the kitchen. But, I recommend that you buy the best steak you can, because it can ultimately make all the difference! 

Serves 4


3 tbs fresh lime juice
2 tbs brown sugar
2 tbs fish sauce
3 tsp sesame oil
2 tsp soy sauce
3 tsp finely grated ginger
1 garlic clove, crushed


- 200g grape tomatoes, halved
- 1 japanese cucumber, or half an english, thinly sliced
- 1 carrot, thinly sliced
- 6 scallions (bulb and 3/4 green), chopped
- 1-2 fresh red chilies: halved, de-seeded and thinly sliced
- 1 bunch fresh mint leaves, large torn
- 1 bunch fresh coriander, picked
- 500g Beef Rump steak
- 55g peanuts, toasted and chopped
- 3 handfuls bean sprouts
- sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds, optional


1) Combine the dressing ingredients in a small bowl. Place your beef steak on a plate and brush the few spoonfuls of the dressing over the meat. Set aside. 

2) Prep all salad ingredients, the first 7 listed, and combine in a medium bowl. Set aside.

2) In a heated pan drizzled with a tablespoon of olive oil, place your beef and cook for about 3 minutes on either side, adding a sprinkle of salt to either side, too. The meat is best when medium-rare, but it is entirely up to your liking. 

3) When meat is cooked, wrap in foil and let rest for at least half the cooking time, so around 3 minutes. A well rested piece of meat allows it to hold onto its juices, however the juice thats left over can be added to your dressing. 

4) Place your mixed salad into a bowl. Slice the meat thinly and across the grain, and then place on top of the salad. Drizzle over your dressing, and then sprinkle over the peanuts, sesame seeds and bean sprouts.

Dive in. :)

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