Yay! Happy summer everyone! My friends were having a going away party today I decided that I needed to bake something (hopefully) amazing for the event. I spent most if my morning scrolling through Pinterest and food gawker trying to find an out of this world cupcake.And THIS is what my stumbling led me to create!!

I didn't want to make a typical cupcake for this event. I wanted something special that would catch the eyes of the guests and make everyone's mouth water. Originally I was going to make Oreo cupcakes---vanilla cupcakes with bits of Oreo inside. However, I thought I needed to take that design one step further. Instead I came up with a chocolate cupcake stuffed with a cream cheese Oreo filling and topped with whipped cream cheese frosting, oreo "powder" and a mini Oreo.

Although not super challenging, the process for creating these magical little things took a few hours. Technically I cheated during the process. I didn't have a lot of time so instead of making homemade chocolate cupcakes I bought the box mix of devils food cake. GASP! Next time I will be sure to make them all by hand I promise!

It's important to let the filling ingredients come to room temperature (the butter and cream cheese) and to have the cupcakes fully cooled before stuffing them. I didn't really keep track of time while making these but I think it is safe to say they took me a good hour and a half to two hours to fully complete them.

Step 1: make the chocolate cupcakes!

I used the a box mix to create the chocolate cupcakes. You can use any flavor that you would like but I thought chocolate would go well with the Oreos!

Step 2: load those babies up!

To make the filling I used 1 block of cream cheese and 1 stick of butter (half a cup). Make sure these ate BOTH at room temperature before you start. I allowed 2 hours for the cream cheese and butter to come to room temperature. Using a stand mixer I combined the butter, cream cheese, 1tsp vanilla, and 2 cups of confectioners sugar until it was smooth and creamy. If needed you can add heavy whipping cream to get it to your preferred texture. Then I added 3 snack packs of Oreos and mixed well.. *make sure to crush them up before adding them into the mixture!

Next, using a knife or a cookie cutter, remove the center of each cupcake and fill with the desired amount of cream cheese filling. Then place the removed section back on top and press down.

Step 3: make them Pretty!

Add a layer of frosting on top to make them pretty! I used whipped cream cheese frosting from Betty Crocker. (Next time I will make my own, I promise!).

To add a little flare to these cupcakes. Place 1-2 bags of snack pack Oreos into a food processor and pulse until you get a really fine crumb. Then sprinkle them over the cupcakes! I added another Oreo on top because I had extra but you can do whatever you like! ENJOY AND BE CREATIVE!

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