Finally, Hannah and I completed a dual cookout! 

Friday night; we're all happy that it's the weekend and we're all tired and in need of sleep. SO, Hannah and I decided to drag a group of friends out, at night, to an area pretty much out of the way of them all, to sit and eat our food, and then find their way home again....  

Well, I don't think they minded in the end, the food turned out well and we had a good night. Of all the things we made though, we only managed to get a few good pictures of this recipe. (We gave ourselves too much to do!)

These spring rolls are pretty healthy. Nothing is cooked, and it's packed with vegetables and seafood. I know some people find that mint and coriander are too strong to eat fresh, but I really enjoy the freshness that the herbs give. They're easily omitted if that's preferred. PEANUTS- they've got to come in somewhere. Whether it be added to the rolls or in the dipping sauce, they're a must! Unless, of course, you're allergic, or for some odd reason, hate peanuts. 

Anyway, these are super fresh and tasty, and great for a cold, healthy meal.

- handful of cooked shrimp
- rice paper
- 1/2 pack thin rice noodles
- 1 cucumber
- 1 carrot
- small pack bean sprouts
- roasted peanuts
- handful of fresh mint
- handful of fresh coriander 
- Spring roll dipping sauce (peanut, sweet cherry, etc)

To serve:
- Sesame seeds
Follow the pack instruction for softening the rice paper rolls- on a plate or flat surface, pour on some water, enough to cover the rice paper sheets, and let soak for a few seconds until just softened. Then, lay out on a dry plate or flat surface.

Assemble the ingredients closer to the bottom edge of the rice paper and in a horizontal line, but not right at the edge. Place some noodles, cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts, peanuts, and herbs, trying not to overfill. It tends to need less than you think. 

Lift the bottom edge until just over the ingredients, then pull in the left and right edges likewise and place shrimp in a row on the unfolded edge. Then, complete the roll, rolling from the bottom-up. Adding the shrimp a step after allows you to see the shrimp on the top of the roll when it's formed, but if you find it easier, add them in with all the other ingredients. 

Sprinkle with any leftover herbs and peanuts, and finally sesame seeds. 
Dip and enjoy.


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